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Hello All! 

Thank you for your continued interest in using FBA Prep and Ship for your Amazon business.

We are making some serious changes around here and you need to know about them.

First, don’t worry! Business will continue to flow with no interruptions. Due to some unfortunate health issues (Alzheimer’s and Dementia) plaguing my stepmother, we have brought her to live with me and my husband.  We are now full-time caregivers and I am no longer able to be a major part of FBA Prep and Ship.

Again, don’t worry. Brittany Lancaster, my number one employee, has agreed to take the reins. All of you have worked with her as she’s been running the shipping and receiving departments for several years now. She has some fantastic ideas on how to grow the business for our clients.

The transition will be taking place over the next month or so. The new business name will be Busy B’s, in honor of her mother and her three sisters, all of which have a name starting with a B. We are setting up new email, a website, and all the other things that make our business run smoothly. 

I will still be on hand to help her out and consult as necessary, though I will be working remotely.

We will be migrating people to new Dropbox and Google docs under the Busy B’s name.

New clients will be set up under the Busy B’s name. Prices will remain the same. The FBA Prep and Ship website will be up until the end of this year. We will also set up a re-direct when we get the Busy B's website completed. There will be a new phone number as well.

Thank you all so much for your loyalty and support, both past, present, and future! We couldn’t have started this business without you. I know with your support both Brittany and you will continue to grow and prosper.