We attempt to reuse all boxes that come through our warehouse.  You are not charged for used boxes.  Sometimes a new box is required though.  

Box fees are as follows:

Small:                 16x12x12    $1.25

Medium:          18x18x16    $2.25

Large:                18x18x24    $2.75

Extra Large:    24x18x24   $3.25

If you request us to use new boxes only, you will be charged accordingly.

$1.50? Yep that's right!

We do ask you to have a minimum order of 20 items or more before requesting a shipment be sent to Amazon.

There are no monthly deposits and no maximum order amounts.

FBA Prep and Ship

$1.50 per standard item

$1.50 per item for standard mail returns

$2.00 per unboxed/unwrapped glass items

$2.75 per unboxed/unwrapped glass items containing product

$3.00 per bundle of 2-4 products/items

$5.00 per bundle of 5-9 products/items.  We need to talk if you are bundling 10 items or more.

$3.50 for Merchant Fulfilled shipments

The above fees include everything Amazon requires for FBA: labels, shrink wrap, etc.  

$39.00 One-time new account set up is charged to all new accounts.

If you have special requirements, call us...we will work it out together.

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Our simple price matrix makes it easy to figure your costs when sourcing.