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What will it cost?

$1.50? Yep that's right!

  • $1.50 per standard item
  • $1.50 per item for standard mail returns
  • $2.00 per unboxed/unwrapped glass items
  • $2.75 per unboxed/unwrapped glass items containing product
  • $3.00 per bundle of 2-4 products/items
  • $5.00 per bundle of 5-9 products/items.  We need to talk if you are bundling 10 items or more.
  • $3.50 for Merchant Fulfilled shipments

The above fees include everything Amazon requires for FBA: labels, shrink wrap, etc.  
$39.00 One-time new account set up is charged to all new accounts.

​If you have special requirements, call us...we will work it out together.
Our simple price matrix makes it easy to figure your costs when sourcing.

Minimum order of 20 items or more to request a shipment be sent to Amazon

There are no monthly deposits and no maximum order amounts.

We attempt to reuse all boxes that come through our warehouse.  You are not charged for used boxes.  

If you require a new box you will be charged as follows:
Small:                 16x12x12    $1.25
Medium:          18x18x16    $2.25
Large:                18x18x24    $2.75
Extra Large:    24x18x24   $3.25

 If you request us to use new boxes only, you will be charged accordingly.